About EIC


The Early Intervention Centre offers an early detection tool called EIC-online™ designed to screen for health, developmental or behavioural problems in young children aged 0-5 years.

This web-based holistic screening tool helps:

• Detect areas of delayed development.
• Monitor and advise on the developmental milestones of young children.
• Identify health and developmental risk factors or red flags that may require further observation or assessment.

The rationale for the EIC-online Tool is comprehensively grounded in evidence.

Research indicates that early detection leads to early intervention, and through early intervention, children's outcomes and families' well-being are vastly improved.*

The earlier a child's development is checked the greater the chance a child has to reach their potential. All infants and young children can benefit from being screened at regular intervals during the important formative years.

The EIC-online is a cost-effective and excellent interim service for:

• Those who want to ascertain whether their child's development is age-appropriate
• Those with children on lengthy HSE waiting lists who want advice and guidelines in the interim

The EIC-online Tool analyses your child's development to see if they are reaching their milestones; it identifies areas of need and recommends activities and resources to help stimulate and enhance your child's development.

Risk factors of health and developmental concerns are also identified and a copy of your child’s screening results are sent to your family GP. GPs are the gatekeepers of the Primary Care System and uniquely qualified to corroborate the identified risk factors and generate onward referrals for further assessments to, e.g.:

• Diagnostic Audiologist
• HSE Assessment of Need Officer
• Paediatrician
• Ear, Nose, and Throat Consultant
• Therapists such as Speech-Language, Occupational or Physiotherapy, etc.

The EIC-online Tool is a great resource for informing, educating and empowering parents to help their child reach their full potential.

*(Glascoe, 2015;Reymolds et al., 2011; Anderson et al., 2003; Campbell et al., 2002; Rossetti 1995)

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